Aug 29, 2011 11:28 PM by Maddie Garrett

Mystery Smoke, Smell in Iberia Parish

A smoke problem in Iberia Parish could be related to the New Orleans' marsh fires. Dozens of people reported smokey skies and a strong odor in the air Monday morning. But the origin of the smoke has yet to be pinpointed

"About 10 o'clock I saw smoke all over there and it smelled like burnt wood," said Johnny Eskine, a New Iberia resident.

A mystery smoke took over the skies of Iberia Parish Monday, it was a haze that could be seen and smelled miles away, even down in Abbeville. And one thing residents remember the most was the smell.

"Smoke all over, it smelled just like burnt wood," said Eskine.

"It's like diesel gas, it smelled kind of bad," New Iberia resident Angeline Marks.

After dozens of calls reporting the smoke and strong odors, Iberia Parish fire Chief Guy Bonin sent out his firefighters to try and find the source.

"It was getting thick enough that you could see it well. And it wasn't from a distance that you could see it, you could see it up close also," said Bonin.

But after looking all throughout the parish, firefighters never found a fire. Bonin said even though it seems highly unlikely, the marsh fires in New Orleans could be to blame.

"That was the only burning that any one even knew of. Now if it could carry this far, that's really unknown to me," said Bonin.

Bonin said because there was no smoke plume and the smoke was so wide spread, he believes the wind blew the smoke into the parish from at least an hour away.



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