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Aug 23, 2013 7:39 PM by Allison Bourne-Vanneck

Murder Investigation Update: "Person Of Interest" Avoided Deputies

Questions remain regarding why Kerry Bertrand, a person of interest in an Acadia Parish murder, had been released from jail.

Bertrand is the victim's step-father. He still has not been charged with murder but is being held on five counts of violating a protective order and also one count of child molestation.

His step-daughter, Skylar Credeur was found dead in her bathtub on Wednesday. According to the District Attorney, initially the death looked accidental because a laptop was found in the tub. But Bertrand was later found hiding in the attic of the home.

District Attorney Mike Harson says a warrant was issued for Bertrand's arrest, just days before the murder.

However, serving those papers to him was difficult for deputies. When Acadia deputies found Bertrand, witnesses say he ran away.

Staff at the Crowley Inn say Bertrand had been staying at the motel in room 116 since August 12th, which is the day he was released from jail.

During that time, staffers say Bertrand told them he had been let out of jail, but didn't say why. On the 20th, one day before the murder, deputies told them they were coming for Bertrand.

"About 9:30 that night on the 20th he came to the desk, I called the sheriff's department," Crowley Inn employee Brenda Chauvin said.

"Before I could get all the information out the Sheriff's department was out here, he had done took off through the backyard. So he got his key, he got his keys and he went through the back and the sheriff's department was at his door," she said.

Chauvin says deputies were at the Crowley Inn for two hours after Bertrand had run off. But they didn't search the woods behind the motel, she says, which is the direction she saw Bertrand ran.


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