Nov 30, 2009 1:50 PM by Morgan City Police Press Release

Morgan City Police Arrest Report: November 30, 2009

terrell poole

Arrested: 12:35am 11/28/09, Loc: Egle St. MC
Terrell E. Poole, 18yoa, Ramos St. MC
Charges: 1.) Armed Robbery 2.) Agg. Battery 3.) Illegal Carrying of weapons
4.) Resisting An Officer

travin smith
Arrested: 12:35am 11/28/08, Loc: Terrebone St. MC
Travin K. Smith, 19yoa, Lily St. Thibodaux La.
Charges: 1.) Armed Robbery 2.) Resisting An Officer

kristin sanders
Arrested: 12:35am 11/28/09, Loc: MCPD
Kristin A. Sanders, 18yoa, Bush St. MC
1.) Principal To Armed Robbery 2.) Resisting an Officer

keith williams
Arrested: 5:09am 11/28/09, Loc: Ellzey St. MC
Keith M. Williams, 17yoa, Hwy. 1 Napoleonville La.
Charges: 1.) Armed Robbery 2.) Resisting An Officer
3.) Poss. Of Marijuana

Details on above four: MCPD Officers were dispatched to the area of Terrebone St. in reference to a cab driver being robbed. Information provided to responding officers was that three passengers in the cab used a bandana and strangled the cab driver from behind while taking all of his money and personal property. Officers were futher advised that the subject had ran and got into a waiting silver car. Officers arrived within moments and spotted the car leaving the area. The car was stopped and two of the subjects fled on foot with officers giving chase to the two that fled. Officers eventually caught the two subjects, SMITH And POOLE, and recovered money and property. Upon Officers returning with the suspects to the area of the initial stop it was learned that the silver vehicle had left the area. Investigation revealed that the other subject involved in the robbery, WILLIAMS was in the vehicle and it was driven by SANDERS. SMITH and POOLE were brought to MCPD for questioning and admitted their involvement in the robbery. SANDERS was located to her residence, brought to MCPD and admitted she was involved in the robbery and was suppossed to pick them up in the area after the robbery and give them a ride in her car. Officers began a search for WILLIAMS and he was eventually located at an Ellzey St. residence where he was found to be in possession of marijuana and arrested and brought to MCPD. WILLIAMS was questioned and admitted his involvement in the robbery and assisted in locating the victims cell phone. All four were booked on the above charges with no bond set at this time.


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