Jan 10, 2013 12:08 AM by Erin Steuber

More Rain Means More Flooding Across Acadiana

With more heavy rain expected overnight, some areas of Acadiana are bracing for more flooding. For many residents it could be round two, some woke up this morning to high water.

The continuing rain is especially a concern for anyone who lives near a waterway. But residents who live by the Bayou Teche, out in Coteau Holmes, dealt with high water all day, in some places a much as a foot.

You can't see the roadway, because Schwig Rd. in Coteau Holmes is covered with about 5 inches of water. Debbie Rebert has lived here for 23 years, and waters from the Teche are frequent visitor to her front door.

"Well I'm used to it now after 23 years, the bayou is so close," said Rebert.

She is thankful for the break in the rain Wednesday, but she and her family are bracing more into Thursday.

"Hopefully we don't get too much more, but not the way their talking, so we shall see," said Rebert.

But this is not so ordinary for all the resident living off of Schwig Rd. Ruby Davis moved in three months ago from Kentucky. When she was told she had to build her house 13 feet above street level, at first she didn't understand why, now she does.

"When I went to get my permit, at first when they moved my trailor, I was pretty much upset how high I was above the others," said Davis. "But today I can say I'm very thankful because just looking around, I mean, everybody else is surrounded by water."



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