Jul 18, 2013 11:12 PM by Erin Steuber

More Delays in 2010 Murder Case of Pizza Delivery Driver

Thursday, more delays in the three-year old murder case of a pizza delivery driver. 50-year-old Tim Falgout was stabbed to death while delivering a pizza in Youngsville back in 2010.

Charged with first-degree-murder is Aaron Richards. Richards is serving life in prison after being convicted of three separate violent crimes.

Marcus Feast is being charged as a principle to the crime. He's believed to have driven Richards the night of the murder and is being held without bond.

Thursday Feast was in a Lafayette courtroom pleading for a speedy trial, but all he got out of it was a new court date.

Feast had no comment walking back to the Lafayette Parish Jail after requesting a speedy trial two weeks ago.

"That motion was filed by him personally, not by his attorney. Matter of fact his attorney was not happy that he filed it. They had court proceedings (Thursday) morning where I understand they withdrew that request," said Lafayette District Attorney Mike Harson.

Harson says the main reason Feast trial date is not set: They are hoping to hold the trial for Aaron Richards first, who is charged with the murder of Tim Falgout.

"I'm worried more about the guy that did the killing rather than the guy that may have rendered assistance of some sort," said Harson.

Richards' case is assigned to Judge Edward Broussard and is not set until July of next year.

"It's up to the judge to determine his availability to set the trial date and give us the time for that type of trial, particularly," said Harson. "It's unfortunate that in a years time he couldn't find two weeks time before July of next year."

A status hearing has been scheduled for Feast November 7th. As for a trial date, it's still unknown and Feast will remain in the Lafayette Parish Jail.


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