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Jul 4, 2012 6:01 PM by Jenise Fernandez

More Alligators Than Usual in the Basin

It's not unusual to see alligators out in the basin. Henderson's mayor Sherbin Collette sees about 4 to 6 on a normal fishing day, but lately, he's seeing a lot more.

"You can count hundreds. They're very skittish. I know what to look for, you see the eyes, but it you really want to see how many there are, come at night," said Collette.

The gators are causing problems for fisherman. Collette says they're destroying his catfish nests, trying to get the food inside, something that hasn't happened in past years.

"They're $180 when you build them and I build my own and it's still very expensive," he said.

Collette sees most of the gators near Indian Bayou, some as big as 12 feet long, but the gators there are protected.

"It's been about ten years since they've been harvested. I think it's time we start harvesting them," he said.

Even though there's been an abundance of gators out in the basin, Collette says they don't seem to be aggressive, at least not to humans. Collette has seen first hand how hungry these animals are.

"A white dog was in its mouth and it was eating it. It was a pretty big dog, but that gator didn't want to let him go," he recalled.

And out in the basin, the gator is the king of the swamp.

"To me there's two enemies it might have, humans or a bigger gator. Anything else, and they're safe in these swamps," he added.




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