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Jun 9, 2014 4:55 PM by Letitia Walker

Mississippi reporter loses job after calling Lafayette "worst place in America"

According to his social media sites, the Mississippi reporter who called Lafayette "the worst place in America" has lost his job.

"That was the worst experience I've ever had as a beat writer...I'm not going to go as far as Brian to say that they're not people, but I don't know what they are. Because I can't understand them when they talk. It's like me being in Barcelona, I can't understand what they're saying," said beat writer Matthew Stevens.

Following the backlash, Stevens apologized to Lafayette media outlets. Today Stevens reported on Twitter that he was fired. He writes "I want to say again I'm truly sorry to everybody I hurt w/ my comments. I regret making that mistake but I must take full responsibility."

The following dispatch was posted on his Facebook page Monday.

"Unfortunately on Monday morning I was informed I would be terminated by The Commercial Dispatch as the Mississippi State beat reporter effective immediately.
It was explained in a short meeting with management that my comments on Bulldogs Sports Radio were not something the executives at The Commercial Dispatch could get past and my employment needed to be terminated.
Again to anybody I hurt with those comments on The Full Court Press on Bulldogs Sports Radio, I'm honestly so very sorry that I said those things and I couldn't regret saying them anymore than I do. I wish more than anything that I could take them back but I can't. All I can say is I take full responsibility for what I said and accept the consequences for having said them. One of those consequences that was always a possibility was my termination from the company. So I must move on from this point in my life and try to learn an incredible life lesson and become a better person because of it. Those comments do not show how I truly feel about anybody and all I can ask for forgiveness for what I said on the radio program. I have issued an on-air apology on my show Friday and hope that the people I hurt and offended will one day forgive me for my mistake. However, I can certainly understand if you don't. I'm just so sorry of what I caused and couldn't be more regretful and sorrowful.
I do not know what is next for me in terms of employment or challenges I'll attack in life. I'm currently in the process of trying to find the next job challenge and my hope is that I'll find something soon that I can be proud of doing.
Finally I want to thank a group of people that have made my life journey in Starkville, Mississippi such a enjoyable and worthwhile experience. First, I need to thank everybody at The Commercial Dispatch in Columbus, Mississippi. I was given the opportunity by the Imes family, managing editor Slim Smith and sports editor Adam Minichino to do the job I wanted to do since I decided as a young man that I wanted to be a sports writer. It was truly my pleasure to cover a Southeastern Conference program on a national level and get the chance to have so many incredible life experiences because of my job.
I also need to thank everybody at The Starkville Daily News that allowed me for two years to cover a Southeastern Conference beat at a daily newspaper. I learned how to cover a beat and do the job at the SDN and that experience is so valuable.
I also need to thank everybody at Mississippi State and the Southeastern Conference, who made my job a true privilege to wake up everyday and enjoy going to work.
Most importantly, I need to thank the readers that were who truly I worked for in this business. Your passion and expectations that I would give you the news accurately, unbiased and as soon as possible were not only more than acceptable goals but kept me on my game each and every day. You folks deserved the best coverage and I hope I came as close to your standards as I tried to do.
I hope to find something soon in my field of study and if/when that happens, I'll update that news as soon as I get that completed.
Thank you for everything,
Matthew Stevens "



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