May 10, 2010 7:45 PM by Veronica White

"Miracle Drug" Saves Young Man from Stroke

Stroke is the number one cause of serious disability in the U.S., but one local survivor got off disability-free because of a life-saving medicine.

At just 23 years old, Reggie Hill of St. Martinville suffered a stroke at work-- but because of the quick reaction of those around him, he was able to get to Our Lady of Lourdes quickly.

"It was like being trapped in your body... couldn't do nothing, you're just there and that was the scary part," says Hill.

He could not move his whole left side-from his head to his leg.

He tried to call his grandmother, but coworkers called 911.

He was able to get "TPA," which he calls a miracle drug.

Dr. Leo de Alvare says TPA requires the patient be treated within 3 hours of the symptoms onset, but luckily, in recent times people are quicker to react, knowing not to ignore the signs.

"It breaks up clots, which are the main cause of strokes-a clot that's in a blood vessel-and open up that vessel and hopefully restore some or all the function that's been lost," says de Alvare.

In honor of Stroke Month, join Our Lady of Lourdes and KATC at the "Strike out a Stroke" event on Friday from 4 to 7pm at UL's Tigue Moore Field.



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