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Mar 25, 2014 11:39 PM by RELEASE

MidSouth Bank warns customers to be aware of debit card phone scam

LAFAYETTE, LA. A number or banks doing business in Louisiana have been targeted by a phone scam in which an automated caller tells customers their debit cards have been deactivated. If customers receive this phone call, they should disconnect the call immediately and not give any of their personal information. If customers have any concerns that their personal information may be compromised, they should call the MidSouthBankCustomerCareCenter at 1-800-213-BANK (2265).

MidSouth Bank customers and non-customers have received the calls. MidSouth Bank stresses that its customers always be mindful that the bank will NEVER contact them to request personal information about their account. Additionally, the bank does not ask third-party vendors to contact its customers regarding account activity, including debit card problems or deactivation.

MidSouth Bank wants its customers to know it takes protecting their personal information seriously and that the scam is in no way related to their information maintained at the bank.

MidSouth Bank is not the only bank being targeted. On Tuesday, March 25, the Lafayette, La., police department issued a press release stating that a robo call asking banking customers for their personal information is a scam.

"Lafayette Police are receiving several complaints from residents regarding phone scams involving local banks," the release states. "The victims are receiving telephone calls with a recorded message indicating their debit card is no longer valid. The message then continues to request additional information. Law enforcement recommends that if a person receives a call to disconnect immediately and provide no information. If someone has provided information they should contact their financial institution immediately."

MidSouth Bank is offering the following advice to its customers:

• Phone Scams (vishing) - NEVER provide personal information unless you initiated the call or it is from a trusted source. Do not press options or give out account numbers or debit card numbers to anyone you do not know or did not call. If you have inadvertently provided account information to a caller, contact the bank immediately.
• Email Scams (phishing) - NEVER click on links provided in an unfamiliar email or enter account information into an unfamiliar site. Delete unidentified emails from your computer immediately, unless you know the sender. If there is a question on the authenticity of the email, call the sender to verify it. If you have inadvertently provided account information, contact the bank immediately.
• Monitor accounts online regularly to confirm all charges and transactions are correct.
• Report any suspicious incidents, calls or transactions to us.
• Educate family and friends.



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