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Mar 25, 2014 11:59 PM by Alex Labat

MidSouth Bank Phone Scam Sweeps Acadiana

The phone rings. The caller i.d. says "Unknown". You pick up the phone, and an automated message says that your bank account has been suspended. If it sounds familiar, you're not alone. Dozens of you called into our newsroom reporting the same thing. These calls all claim to be from the MidSouth Bank, but they're not coming from anyone with the bank. If you get this call beware, it's a scam.
The last thing Kathy Turner was expecting this afternoon was a phone call from MidSouth Bank. And she;s got a darn good reason. "We don't bank with Midsouth Bank. And that's who they said was calling", says Turner. It turns out, this call was from a scammer, trying to "phish" personal information from those answering the calls. "To me, my cell phone is a necessity. Just like my computer is a necessity. I may be of a different generation but I do like technology", says Turner. She says the caller requests personal information, and because of that, MidSouth says personal information has not been breached. "Our details so far show that they have none of that information, that's why this is a phishing scam. And that's why we're getting people who are customers, and people who have never been customers are getting these calls", says Heather Keith, Marketing Director for MidSouth Bank.
There are a couple of ways to ensure you won't get scammed when it comes to phone calls. Don't answer calls when you're unsure of the number. Check on your accounts regularly if you feel there's been unauthorized access. And keep yourself educated, about any and all scams that might be happening in your area. "I think a lot of it is that people, to be honest don't educate themselves about the scams that are going on, and they need to pay more attention to what's going on. And not let somebody call me and take them at their word", says Turner. MidSouth says they are working with authorities to pinpoint the origin of the calls. Remember, banks will not call you for personal information.

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