Aug 16, 2011 10:28 PM by Maddie Garrett

Meaning Behind "Broussard Paid for Amb. Caffery" Sign

A new sign on the Ambassador Caffery extension is doing more than catching the attention of drivers, it's also making a statement. During the day, you may not notice the red and blue blinking billboard, but at night it's almost impossible to miss. And that was the goal of the man who put it up there, Broussard Mayor Charles Langlinais.

Bright LED lights blink the message: "Broussard paid for Ambassador Caffery -- Buy Broussard."

"I want to remind people, certainly what I'm doing," said Langlinais.

Mayor Charles Langlinais is not saying that the City of Broussard paid for all of the Ambassador Caffery extension, most of that money came from the State. But the city did put in $10 million, and that's what he wants people to remember. For him, the message is all about improving his city's economy right now.

"I want to remind citizens of Broussard and people in the area that Broussard put that money up for Ambassador Caffery and remind them to shop in Broussard and shop local," explained Langlinais.

Joe Sanson lives in a nearby neighborhood, and said he agrees with the message.

"I think it's a good idea, let people know.... Keep your money local, shop here," said Sanson.

The purpose of the sign is two fold: One to remind drivers to keep their dollars in Broussard, and the other to mark where the new community center will soon go. Because once the center is built, the sign will be part of that facility. Langlinais crews are expected to break ground on the center in the next week or two.

"This is our facility, this is a sign for our facility, we just put the sign there ahead of the facility," said Langlinais.

Langlinais did say the State sent the City of Broussard a letter regarding the message board, citing the scenic highways act. But Langlinais said because the sign is part of the city's facility, there's nothing wrong with it and it's here to stay.

Langlinais said the sign's message can be changed to promote non-profit organizations in Broussard, as well as public events and the new community center.



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