Sep 18, 2013 12:31 AM by Alex Labat

Mayor Behind "Twerking Ban" Sets the Record Straight

The town of DeQuincy is getting some attention over a controversial dance.
The mayor of the city was quoted as saying at midnight Tuesday night, he was instituting a ban on "twerking".
It could have become the "Crime of the Century".
Mayor Maynard Wilkins cracking down on twerking. Violators would receive a mandatory 30 days in jail, on their first offense.
While that punishment may sound severe, it's not the reason the city won't be enforcing the ban. The reason why they won't? Mayor Maynard Wilkins and the ban don't even exist.
"Yeah, he doesn't exist. They also site the town sheriff. We don't have a town sheriff", says Mayor Lawrence Henagan, they "actual" mayor of DeQuincy.
He learned of the supposed ban, and what twerking was, after being inundated with calls Tuesday morning.
Henagan says a caller said, ""It's a type of dance that Miley Cyrus did on TV." I said, "No. We haven't banned twerking.""
This isn't the first time the city's had to deal with a false press release. The twerking debacle has the mayor fed up, and looking into legal action.
"They were talking about we were citing a certain group of people. The same blog came out that we were putting guns with all the kids in the schools, to protect themselves in school, it's utterly ridiculous", says Henagan.
While the mayor wasn't too happy with having to clear up the confusion over the twerking ban, Henagan, as well as DeQuincy residents, say anyone and everyone is free to head on over to DeQuincy and "twerk" to their hearts content.
"That's not my job as the mayor of this town to tell people what's appropriate for your child to do. That's your job as a parent."


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