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Apr 29, 2011 2:15 AM by Maddie Garrett

Master Drummers of Burundi

Every high energy, heart pounding beat resonates through your body as the Master Drummers of Burundi sing, dance and hammer out exciting rhythms on their drums made of hollowed out trees and cow hides.

"We're here to get people up off their feet and a smile upon their lips and give them energy," said Sakara Nzeyimana, a Master Drummer.

And that energy comes from a place rooted deep in African culture. The Burundi drummers originate from ceremonies celebrating the harvest hundreds of years ago.

"It evolves over the course of a time and now it's kind of for glory, but it stems from being something sacred to mark a ceremony," said Nzeyimana.

These drummers got their start as young boys in Africa. And now they're teaching a new generation the art of their rhythmic music.

"This a part of our program, keep this culture alive," said Master Drummer John Marie.

A living, breathing culture that is part of their very souls.

"Just shows who you are and it's like something that shows roots, transmits going from generation to generation to generation," said Marie.

"Whenever I start beating drums there is energy that comes up in me. And I feel energetic, athletic and I feel I just want to make the whole world smile," said Nzeyimana.



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