May 21, 2013 9:50 AM by Tracy Wirtz

"Markell Is Strong... He's a St. Jude Patient!"

"It's nothing I can't handle." That's the way 13-year-old Markell Gregoire from New Iberia seems to handle just about every crisis life has thrown in his path. And there have been plenty. In 2009, doctors discovered a massive tumor on his left femur, lower leg bone. He was 11 at the time. They performed a limb-sparing surgery and he went through chemotherapy to try and eradicate the cancer called osteosarcoma. It worked... for a time. But the cancer returned in 2012, and they had to amputate the lower portion of his leg. That decision would have devastate most adults, but Markell took it in stride saying he wanted to live and so he did what he had to do.

His mother, Monique, says she gets her strength from him. However, she says Markell's light dimmed some when he relapsed again in January of this year and the cancer had spread to his lungs. Doctors said his best chance was to have the remainder of his leg removed and radiation treatments done for the cancer in his lungs. Thankfully, it was small so the protocol was minimal.

Hi mom says it took him a while to come back to the Markell she knows. He says he had to work it all out in his head, understandably. He's a smart 13 and said "third time's the charm, right?"

As his mom so aptly puts it, "He's Markell. He's strong. He's a St. Jude patient." I agree totally, by the way.

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