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May 11, 2012 7:08 PM by Shawn Kline

Man dies after being tased by Baldwin Police

A St. Mary Parish man dies shortly after being tased by a police officer. Family members confirm 33-year-old Damon Abraham of Baldwin died at a Lafayette hospital last night after he was arrested by Baldwin Police.

State Police have taken over this investigation. Troopers say they're not ruling out the possibility that Abraham was on narcotics and can't confirm the taser actually caused his death.

"When he started walking, he fell to the ground," Imajee Connor said. "(He) took two or three steps, leaning side to side."

Connor claims to have witnessed everything. According to him, Damon Abraham ran away from police while he was still in handcuffs, State Police won't confirm that. Connor says during the chase, police tased Abraham.

"They was tasering him in some bushes and beating him while he was in handcuffs," Abraham's sister tells KATC.

Tiffany Abraham was with her brother, Damon, on Thursday. She was at the police station when officers arrested Abraham for outstanding warrants. After a short chase, one officer tased him.

"Four times?" Tiffany Abraham asked. "They had to tase him four times?"

Any time a weapon is used by an officer, police are required to investigate. In this case, State Police are stepping in to determine whether the officer who used that taser was right in doing so.

Abraham leaves behind one son and one daughter.

"Because of a stupid mistake (police) made, these children don't have a father," Abraham's sister said. "All this could've been prevented."

Troopers confirm a Baldwin Police officer did use a taser and afterwards, Abraham appeared to require medical attention but their investigation should determine if Baldwin Police bear any responsibility in Abraham's death.



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