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Nov 14, 2013 9:11 PM by Allison Bourne-Vanneck

Man Cancer Free After Winning Lung Cancer Screening

A year ago KATC and Our Lady of Lourdes teamed up to give away free CT lung cancer screenings. One of the winners, 59-year-old Dean Dugas, says the screening may have saved his life. Dugas was one of 40 people picked for a free screening, and got his done right away.

"The screening probably took 10 minutes. They lay you on a table, you go into a little tube and you're out it doesn't take any time at all. It's painless," Dean Dugas said.

Dugas, 59, is a former smoker. Soon after the screening, doctors told him they found something on his right lung. They weren't sure if it was lung cancer, so they watched it for six months, something they were fortunately able to do because they had detected it so early. Once they noticed the spot was growing, Dugas' doctor told him he needed surgery to remove it.

"He took out the lower third of my right lung, the third lobe, and it was cancerous. So then I did a little bit of chemo. And it's all behind me," Dugas said.

Dugas is a patient of Dr. James Cole, who's an Oncologist and says beating lung cancer boils down to finding it early, and a lung cancer screening could save your life.

"We were able to catch this thing well before it ever became systematic, well before he knew he had lung cancer. And hopefully we'll be talking about this for years to come, how we were able to intervene and save him from an otherwise fatal disease," Dr. James Cole said.

"It's a blessing they found it that small, and were able to get rid of it," Dugas said.

Recent studies have shown lung cancer survival rates as high as 90 percent, when detected early with a lung cancer screening, like the one Dugas received.

As part of KATC's Living Right campaign, KATC and Our Lady of Lourdes are teaming up again to give away 40 more free lung cancer screenings. The screenings will be given out throughout November which is lung cancer awareness month. Registration is open at

Those who are eligible for a free lung cancer screening, are current or former smokers who fall between the ages of 55 and 74, smokers with a smoking history of a pack a day for 30 years or more, and those who have not been diagnosed with lung cancer

Even if you're not eligible for a lung cancer screening, you can still sign up to win one. If you win, you can give it to a loved one who does qualify.



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