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Feb 12, 2014 1:42 AM by Steven Albritton

Man Arrested While Still in Jail, History of Alleged Fraud On Homeowners

More charges have been filed for an alleged con artist who victims say doesn't complete the work they pay him to do.

Shane Leblanc, also known as Shane Romero, was arrested Tuesday by Morgan City Police for simple damage to property along with theft. He was arrested while in the Ascension Parish Jail where he was being held for similar charges. Romero ran a company called "Cajun Construction," but has run up a rap sheet that has left a trail of victims across Acadiana.

Over and over again, it was a similar story from victims of Leblanc's alleged crimes

"A couple weeks went by and he hadn't started and he had my money. I called him and questioned him," Abbeville resident Sean Mcree said.

We pulled Leblanc's records and it shows a history of convincing people to pay up front. Mcree says he gave $4500 to Leblanc to replace his roof and that Leblanc tells a convincing story. Leblanc quoted his roof project much cheaper than other contractors

"I confronted him and he didn't have my money. He didn't have thematerials. So, I made him sign a promissory note to say he would finish the job. I would get the materials, but he would pay me back in 90 days. But, after 90 days, I couldn't find him again. I ended uppaying double for the roof," Mcree said.

Across Ascension, Lafayette, Vermilion and now St. Mary Parishes, Leblanc allegedly defrauded more than $25,000 total from at least 10 victims, with charges ranging from theft to home
improvement fraud.

Rod Broussard of Maurice says he put down more than $3000 for his roof replacement.

"He said within two weeks they were going to start, and within a week they'd be finished. He just kept delaying, delaying and always had an excuse," Broussard said.

Both Broussard and Mcree say they don't believe they'll see their money again.

"He promised he was going to bring my money back and he never did," Broussard said.

"You have to live with it now. Usually if it is too good to be true, it's not. So, just be careful when you're doing this," Mcree said.

Leblanc is due in Ascension Parish court next week to face two of his charges there.

If you're thinking about doing any renovations to your home, here are some tips to make sure the job is done right. First, make sure you check references on the contractor you're using. Next, above all, do not give money out prior to work being done.



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