Aug 14, 2013 11:35 PM by Steven Albritton

LPSS Teen Pregnancy Center Already Keeping Students On Right Path

Northside High School may have started classes today, but in January they will be offering a very unique class. The school will offer a teen pregnancy course for expecting and current teen mothers and fathers.

In the case of 15-year-old honor student Olivia Armstead, she says she was scared when she found out she was pregnatn. She had to build up the courage to tell her mother about her pregnancy, and to add to it, she had to tell her she was having twins. Soon, Olivia's two month old daughters, Rylie and Kylie, will be on campus at Northside High, while Olivia continues her education as a sophomore.

"It means a lot because I won't have to worry and stress about my mom having to watch them all the time, and it can be right there while I'm at school so I can go see them," Armstead said.

The Lafayette Parish School System is offering help to those in similar situations. They will allow young parents to take their kids to Nothside High. They'll take their regular classes while also being offered courses on raising children. Olivia's mother is excited about what this program has to offer.

"As far as her future, she knows that the one thing that people can't take from you is her education and I know she's going to push forward," Tara Mcguinnis said.

"I feel good about it because more teenage moms wouldn't have to drop out of school to take care of their kids. They can go to school with their kids," Armstead said.

As for the program, it will teach life skills for the mothers and fathers in the program. It will also prepare the children from kindergarten while they are in the program. Right now, the program has 16 spots for parents and kids with about half of those being filled at this time. Assistant Director of Early Childhood Education June Inhern says this program is about getting these teenagers ready to further their educations after high school.

"We want to empower these ladies to become independent and be able to contribute to the community and society in the future," Inhern said.

Positions are open on a, "first come, first serve," basis and transportation will be provided to the student and child to Northside. For more information visit



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