Jul 3, 2014 7:47 PM by Tina Macias

LPSS meeting ends early because not enough board members in attendance

The Lafayette Parish School Board had to end its budget meeting an hour into discussion because there were not enough board members at the meeting.

Although the board did not vote on anything, several new measures to whittle away at the $23.5 million budget shortfall were proposed.

Assistant Superintendent Sandra Billeaudeau proposed cutting "luxuries" like the programs provided by Acadiana Center for the Arts, museum trips for a savings about $100,000.

Superintendent Pat Cooper again asked the school board to used the 2002 sales tax to fund extra teachers and smaller class sizes at D and F schools. That would cut a $2,000 "14th" check to teachers, which Cooper argued was never approved by taxpayers.

Cooper got a legal opinion about the tax, and board president Hunter Beasley said he would ask board attorneys to look at the tax next week. Cooper's proposal would also cut about $3 million in construction projects and anticipating $2 million

The meeting began with board members Rae Trahan, Mark Babineaux, Hunter Beasley, Shelton Cobb and Tommy Angelle in attendance. But Cobb left the meeting early for a family emergency.

That left the board without a majority of members and unable to vote about an hour into discussion about instructional budgets.

The next meeting is set for 5 p.m. Tuesday.



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