Jun 17, 2013 9:42 PM by Erin Steuber

LPSS Could Start Year with New Discipline Policy

The Lafayette Parish School System could start the year out with a new discipline policy after discipline issues caused dozens of teachers to leave the profession last year.

The Consequences to Behavior Policy, as it's called, is just that, a guide that will make sure students know misbehaving comes at a price.

"Children, just as they need positive reinforcement, they need to know that when they make a mistake that we can correct it, but there are consequences to some poor decisions," said Assistant Superintendent Sandra Billeaudeau. "It is actually about developing and teaching them how to make better choices and decisions."

The new plan is streamlined and removes the child from the classroom.

"For example, willful disobedience, step one, they have to go straight to in-school suspension for 1 to 3 days depending on what it is," said Karen Martin, a teacher who served on the discipline committee.

The consequences are also based off the child's age, so an elementary school student will no longer face the same punishment as a high school student for the same infraction.

"We find that with elementary they have to be taught those proper behaviors and proper social skills," said Martin. "We felt that by the time you get to high school you should only be facing three minor infraction consequences."

Parents will also be involved at every step in the process, something that was never required before.

"We're hoping that starting the year fresh, everyone knowing how things are going to be, it's going to stand a better chance of being successful," said Martin.

The proposed plan will be introduced to the school board on Wednesday.



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