Jun 17, 2010 7:22 PM by Melissa Hawkes

Love Your Coast Rally

With signs in hand and music to chime their message, citizens from all over Louisiana are making sure their voices are heard at the state capital.


One protestor, Albert Tolle, said, “the biggest travesty is that it's taken so long for someone to do something."


Another protestor, Chuck Brady, added “I want to pull my head out of the sand and say something."


All the protestors at the Love Your Coast rally say there's more that could be done to help cap the spill and clean it up.


"Lets do it safely and if the laws aren't there to do it safely, then lets put those laws in place,” he said.


The people at the rally are hoping the state legislature will adopt a resolution that they have proposed. It outlines the main issues they have with how the oil spill disaster is being handled.


John Pastor, Director of Louisiana’s Green Monkeys chapter, said” they need to basically step-in-- petition the national government to change the environmental safety act that basically restricts the availability of government to make any decisions in how to clean it and what to clean."


Marine Biologist Dr. Riki Ott has been working on the aftermath of the Exxon Valdez spill for 21 years. She says the oil industry has taken away the wrong message from the Exxon Valdez incident.


Dr. Ott said, "what the oil industry really learned the most from the Exxon Valdez accident was to control the government, control the images, control the people and that's what we see going on."


Dr. Ott says she has a big problem with BP using dispersants inland because they are designed to be used in the open water.


"You are basically killing what's in the marshes, we've already destroyed the gulf, why are we putting dispersants in these back bays,” she said. “Dispersant use needs to be stopped, just stopped."



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