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Apr 8, 2014 7:25 PM by Dave Fields

LOGA responds to SLFPAE offer

Louisiana Oil and Gas Association (LOGA) officials announced that attorneys for South Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East (SLFPAE) issued an offer with regard to its suit against LOGA.

LOGA President Don Briggs issued a statement responding to the offer, but did not disclose any details of the possible SLFPAE proposal.

"Public pressure is finally having an effect on the few greedy trial lawyers who stood to make over a billion dollars on their lawsuits. Rather than Gladstone Jones and his cohorts scheming to reposition their outrageous contingency fee-based contract, we call on them to end the abusive suits that are contributing to the loss of thousands of local jobs. If these attorneys are truly concerned for the citizens and taxpayers of Louisiana, then they will do what's right for the people and dismiss this suit altogether," Briggs said.

SLFPAE attorney Gladstone Jones issued a response to the LOGA statement that included a firm reply to Briggs.

"Ask Mr. Briggs to name one job that has been lost due to the SLFPAE suit. What will be lost without action is south Louisiana. There has been zero pressure by the public on the lawyers, only lies to the legislators sponsored by Mr. Briggs," said Jones.

Briggs also addressed the LOGA characterization of SLPAE attorneys.

"While LOGA wants to talk about greedy trial lawyers, today those same lawyers offer the oil companies an alternative: Come negotiate in good faith and agree that, if a compromise to fix the part of the coast oil and gas broke is reached, those companies will pay the expenses associated with the case. The public absolutely should not have to pay to force the oil and gas industry to do what is so basic: Fix what you broke," Jones added.



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