Oct 23, 2013 8:42 AM by Elizabeth Hill

Living with Spina Bifida

Two-year-old Adam Luke doesn't let much slow him down.

"He just does things a little bit differently," says his mom Kellie Luke.

while spina bifida has limited his nerve function and mobility, Adam has amazed his parents with his determination.

"The second he hears he can't do something, oh really?"

"He's capable of doing everything that my other kids want to do, he just finds a different way to do it," says his dad Alan Luke.

When Kellie was 19 weeks pregnant, she and husband Alan learned Adam would be born with a serious birth defect.

"They told us if we wanted to do everything in our power to give him the best chances, we needed to go to Philadelphia."

Kellie underwent what was at the time a new fetal surgery to close the opening in Adam's spine and minimize the damage. She had to spend the rest of her pregnancy more than a thousand miles away from her husband and two children.

"All of our doctors told us he was a blessing from god and he was perfect."

A super hero fighting back against a disorder and misconception trying to holding him back.

"It's amazing to see how strong they really are."

The Luke's tell me Adam's doctors believe he has a good chance of walking on his own or with little assistance one day. His parents tell me he loves to practice walking with his walker. His other favorite activity? His mom says that's eating, especially rice and gravy.



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