Aug 28, 2014 7:47 AM by Elizabeth Hill

Living Right: Preventing heat related illness

"Once you're feeling thirsty you're already behind the eight ball."

Dr. Thomas Callais says the key to keeping cool is staying hydrated.

"As your body temperature rises, you start to sweat and become more dehydrated and so your body temperature will rise even faster at that point."

Callais says heat exhaustion is the most common illness related to heat and dehydration. symptoms include fatigue, weakness and headache. He says a body temperature above 104 degrees can become heat stroke.

Symptoms of heat stroke can be confusion, difficulty speaking or not making sense when speaking. Callais says these are signs of your body starting to shutdown.

Ice packs to the neck, arm pits and groin can help lower body temperature and sports drinks like Gatorade can help restore electrolytes.

"It helps your body's ability one to hold onto water and two it keeps that normal electrolyte balance in your body."

If you're planning to hit the water or tailgate this holiday weekend be aware of how much alcohol you're drinking.

"you tend to get dehydrated a little more quickly with alcohol."

Callais says athletes working out or playing in this heat are at a high risk for heat related illness, but he says the elderly and children are also at an increased risk. He says there are also some medications that can make you more prone to dehydration.



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