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Mar 25, 2013 8:07 AM by Cecilia Stevenson

Living Right: Kidney Diease

Commonly asked questions concerning Chronic Kidney Disease:

1. What is CKD?
Chronic Kidney Disease there are 5 stages, stage 1 is mild & it progresses to stage 5 which leads to being treated with dialysis.

2. Who established the CKD Clinic?
Dr. Andy Blalock & Rod Clark yrs ago with OLOL to promote awareness & to educate the public on CKD there are 25 million people who have CKD & only half of them know it.

3. What does the CKD clinic do
Monitor patients Chronic Kidney disease to slow the disease process down by promoting awareness & educating patients on improving & maintaining Kidney health. We also have a dietician that educates patients on dietary choices to improve CKD with low protein diets, DM diets, low sodium, fat & Potassium diets.

4. What are the causes of CKD?
DM & HTN are the leading causes making up approximately 80 % with Dm the most prevalent; other causes are hereditary, toxins by medication, & cancer.

5. Who should seek out clinic care?
People who have DM, HTN, or a family history of DM, & HTN, & also a family history of being on Dialysis.

6. What are the symptoms?
The symptoms unfortunately occur late in CKD. For the most part is asymptomatic, the late stages are weight loss, lethargy, & am nausea, that is why patients need to be tested.

7. How do you screen for CKD?
A simple urine test will show blood, elevated protein, & a blood test will show elevated creatnine, & decrease creatnine clearance.



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