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Jun 23, 2014 8:22 AM by Elizabeth Hill

Living Right: Burn prevention

Two years ago Mitchell Mequet was doing routine work at his boat landing in henderson when he made a wrong move.

"When I went to move the drum it sprayed me with what was in the drum and when it sprayed me it ignited."

He was burning a trash pile and realized he had left a cracked drum of diesel, oil and gasoline next to the fire. He suffered second and third degree burns on his legs, arms and face. and required a series of skin grafts.

This past January, 12-year-old Adam Babin was at a friends house playing with sparklers when his leg was badly burned.

"It shot at me and caught myself on fire, I stopped, dropped and rolled."

Babin and Mequet say they didn't go to the hospital right away. A mistake Dr. Joey Barrios says many people make.

"Burns do evolve, so don't be fooled early on thinking that the burn is superficial and it's going to take care of itself in a few days."

Babin and Mequet's injuries both required skin grafts, but Barrios says most burns are actually treated more easily.

"We treat the vast majority of burns without skin grafts so don't be intimidated by that and think that you're going to end up with bad scars."

Both say they've learned from their accidents and hope others can too.

"Think about what you're doing before you do it."

"Don't play with sparklers."

The burn center at Our Lady of Lourdes is the only one in Southwest Louisiana. Dr. Barrios says if you are seriously burned you should immediately see a doctor for treatment. For other tips on how to prevent and treat burns, including sunburns, you can click here.



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