Apr 28, 2010 7:29 PM by Melissa Hawkes

Litter Build-up on Highway 182

Newspaper, trash bags and Styrofoam can be seen for miles along Highway 182.


Cade Resident, David Pugh, said, "We were just driving down the road and we said, oh god what happened."


Pugh doesn’t know the exact cause of the litter build up, but says he can guess how it’s happening.


"It looked like it fell off some trucks or something, it was all over the road," Pugh said.


This litter scattered along the highway highlights a bigger problem for all of Acadiana.


Nelton Georg drives down highway 182 frequently and said, “You got ignorant people out there that drive, instead of throwing in the trash… they'll just throw it out the window."


People can't just rely on waste management trucks to clean up highways; everyone can do their part to help.


Environmental Quality Manager, Mark Pope, said “take pride in where you live and then we'll have a clean community."


Bill Fontenot, district 3 engineer-administrator with the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development, said "if every person would take responsibility for what they dispose of or have at their disposal then the litter problem would be simple."


Fontenot says picking up after litter bugs is wasting tax dollars.


"The government can not afford these days to make littering a priority," he said.


Not only that, it’s against the law.


Pope added, "Don’t throw things out and you know what, if you get seen and you do get reported for littering, you could receive a ticket."


The first littering offense comes with a fine of $90; the second offense could cost you more than $500.


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