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List of charities responding to OK tornadoes

On May 20, 2013, an EF4 tornado tore through Oklahoma City's suburbs, demolishing an elementary school, homes and businesses. The storm resulted in fatalities and the hospitalization of hundreds. There will be both short term and long term recovery needs. But before you contribute to one of the highly-rated charities listed here that are responding, please read Tips For Giving In Times of Crisis.

Also keep in mind:

· As this list grows, be sure to first consider the nature of the charity's work. That is to say, not every charity is responding in the same way to this disaster. Some are providing temporary shelter while others are providing food, water and medical assistance. Other charities are focused on long term rebuilding efforts. And some are simply fundraising on behalf of other charities. Think about what it is you want your donation to accomplish and then make sure you select the charity that is doing that type of work. The links here take you to each charity's ratings page where you can see how we've evaluated their Financial Health and Accountability & Transparency. Also on that page, there is a link to the charity's website where you can learn more specifically about the type of tornado related assistance the charity is providing. And make sure you can find evidence of a response by the charity and not just the charity stating that it is preparing for a response (standing at the ready) in case its help is needed.

· Not all of these charities offer you the option of designating your donation specifically to Oklahoma tornado relief efforts. Some have more open-ended funds that exist to fund the charity's disaster relief work. That means your funds may be put towards the charity's disaster work in other parts of the country or the world. Be sure to get clarity on this point before you donate.

Click here for a list of charities that are responding to the devastation caused by a massive tornado in Moore, Oklahoma.

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