Sep 30, 2010 8:08 PM by Shawn Kline

LHA meeting flops

Three former LHA commissioners held a public meeting on Thursday as if they were never removed.
"There's a pending issue," LHA Attorney Daniel Stanford said. "Three of the individuals are filing a petition in district court that they are in fact board members."
A *pending* issue that didn't stop John Freeman, Leon Simmons and Joe Dennis from trying to hold a board meeting.
"I was itching man," Dennis said. "I had a lot of questions to ask the auditors."
Joe Dennis hasn't seen the audit yet- it was released to the public months ago, but he says he's still waiting for it to officially be introduced to the board.
Thursday wouldn't be that day. That's because only three out of the required seven board members showed-up. The commissioners couldn't hold a quarum.
"Until all these issues are decided, I've decided I'm not going to any board meetings until we get things decided."
Donald Fuselier is the only board member whose job isn't in jeopardy.
He says he's waiting until a judge rules who is on the board and who is not. For now, the only way the board can legally meet is if Fuselier shows up.
Still, even if Fuselier changed his mind; Stanford says he wasn't going to let any official business take place.
"Had they attempted to conduct business, I would've asserted that they can't." Stanford says, "I would attempt to prevent that from happening."
The stalemate may have just started but it could last past November when the case is heard in court.


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