Jul 18, 2012 11:19 PM by Maddie Garrett

Lavergne Indictments Bittersweet for Shunick Family

The grand jury decision on Brandon Lavergne was bittersweet for the Shunick family and volunteers. There was shock and tears at volunteer headquarters as the murder indictments came down for Mickey Shunick and Lisa Pate.

Mickey's father, Tom Shunick, said he was not surprised but sees hope dwindling that they will find Mickey alive.

"Definitely shocked. All of our faces dropped and we had a sigh like everyone else did around Lafayette. To know that it was a double-murder indictment kind of froze everybody," said volunteer organizer Margaret Bearb.

While most were shocked, Tom said he knew there could be more victims. Still, a murder indictment means he's almost positive they won't find Mickey alive.

"Not a hundred percent, but it sure doesn't look very good does it? I mean this guy has murdered and buried a body before," said Tom. "It certainly looks like this is his M.O."

However, closure for Tom and his family remains out of reach. They hope the latest charge will help Mickey's case.

"Well we've been waiting a little over two months to get closure on this and it still isn't closed, they haven't found the body," said Tom. "Hopefully now, if he's being charged with something else, hopefully he'll come clean and tell people where the body is."

As for the family of Lisa Pate, Tom and others said they now have someone else to sit next to in the courtroom when it all goes to trial.

"I can imagine, I know what they went through, it's been 12 years or so for them, maybe 14," he said.

Bring Mickey Home -- it's been the motto since the day Mickey disappeared. Bearb said it remains their mission even now.

"For us, the people my age who remember the Lisa Pate case, whew, it's a shocker and I feel so happy for that family because they get to face that closure. But I feel so sad for our family in Lafayette because we haven't gotten the closure," said Bearb.


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