Sep 7, 2010 7:21 PM by Melissa Hawkes

Last Gravel Road in Broussard

Gravel roads in the City of Broussard are about to be a thing of the past. Since Janet Grossi moved onto Lakeview Dr. ten years ago, she's seen the gravel road go through a lot of wear and tear.

Grossie said,"there were only two houses at the time that we moved and since they've put in probably seven or eight houses, so the traffic has really increased back here."

Grossie has been pushing for the road to be paved for the past few years and now it's finally happening....thanks to Councilmen Kenny Higginbotham.

Higginbotham, Broussard City Councilmen, said "There's been thirty-six road overlays within the past 24 months. This was the last project that needed to be complete, it needed to be done."

The Mayor of Broussard, Charles Langlinais, said "the councilmen for that district felt that it was time to reconstruct it. Previously we have been maintaining it and rocking it and what not and this really is the last gravel road."

Paving Lakeview Rd. is a $69,000 project. Residents who live on the street say it's been a long time coming.

"I'm so excited we are so relieved to have that," Grossie said. "As a matter of fact as soon as they come, I have gravel here and I'm doing mine as well and that way.... I do not want rocks. I never want to see rocks again."

Delivery trucks for the Zoo of Acadiana also use the road.

Higginbotham said, "so that will be two fold it will help the delivery trucks get to their destination at the zoo besides help the residences there."

In less than two months, Grossie will never have to drive down gravel to get home again.


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