Sep 12, 2012 11:39 PM by Maddie Garrett

Lafayette's Mackenzie Bourg Has "The Voice"

Lafayette's own Mackenzie Bourg was launched into the national spotlight Tuesday night when he performed on the TV show "The Voice." But his road to success was a bumpy one; when Mackenzie was 17 he contracted a virus that shut down his organs and caused congestive heart failure. He pulled through the illness, finished high school at St. Thomas More Catholic High School and decided to audition for "The Voice." After making the first cut, he said it's only up from here.

"And I've always told him, out of everything else that was the most I'm proud of him for, was just to go out there and try and to have the heart, have the brave heart to go out there and do it," said Mackenzie's father, Rudy Bourg.

You could say Mackenzie's heart is especially strong. Barely a year suffering congestive heart failure and waking from a medically induced coma, there he was on stage performing in front of millions of people. He said when he walked out onto the stage, you could hear a pin drop.

"And then you start singing and instantly it's screams and excitement and the first 10 seconds it's just, I didn't know what was going on, I was too excited to even realize what I was singing or any of that," said Mackenzie of his break out performance.

His father Rudy said it's almost unreal to see how far Mackenzie has come after nearing death; especially after one day in particular at the hospital.

"And I called Mackenzie's mom, I said look you need to come here now, I think Mackenzie is going to pass away. You know they revived him, it was the scariest moment I think I've ever had to endure... I just remember sitting there praying," recalled Rudy.

Mackenzie made it and woke up from the coma the night the Saints won the Super Bowl. He was able to finish out his senior year playing basketball at STM. But through it all, it was the music that kept him going.

"It was something to cope with, it was an easy tool to escape to the music. I definitely would say that incident led to me focusing on music," said Mackenzie.

That focus turned into success, drawing in thousands of fans and followers overnight. His career has only just begun.

"I never once imagined 5 much less 5,000 people would care what I had to say, it's humbling," he said.



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