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Jul 14, 2014 8:27 PM by Kari Beal

Lafayette Restaurant and Bar association hopes to give downtown a boost

One of the beauties of downtown Lafayette is it's close proximity to other businesses. In a few mile radius of there are 35 restaurants listings and 29 bar listings.

"We want to expose downtown, so people who don't know how awesome it is to walk downtown during the day, or for happy hour can understand," owner of Jefferson Street Pub and President of the newly formed nonprofit Lafayette Downtown Restaurant and Bar Association Gustavo Rezende said.

Rezende explains this organization will not only host events and put on promotions, but it also hopes to address issues, such as crime concerns.

"Usually I don't come downtown in the evenings unless it's an organized event where I feel a little bit safer, there's more people downtown," Lafayette resident Emily Svendson said.

Nathan Norris, the director of Downtown Lafayette Development said the association will build a united voice for bars and restaurants downtown.

"This helps establish standards and [gives them] a political voice where they can help enact changes," Norris said. "It's very hard if you are just one bar owner to reach out to the greater community, but when they are all coming together it helps all of them.

Downtown Lafayette is already home for numerous events such as Downtown Alive, Festival International, Movies in the Parc and more. Svendson said she enjoys these events and would like to see more.

"I think events like that bring a positive environment and great people and people making purchases downtown which really helps the economy in this area," Svendson said.

Ultimately, Rezende said the association would like to have more of an impact on what goes on day to day downtown.

"We want to bring positive things to downtown. That's our goal, Rezende said.

Rezende said there are 30 businesses already on board and now he hopes that goal can become a reality.



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