Aug 20, 2014 6:14 PM by Kari Beal

Lafayette nonprofit gathering medical supplies to fight Ebola virus

A Lafayette man is taking on the fight against the Ebola virus and asking for your help. Eric Wowoh started the non-profit organization "Change Agent Network" in 2006 to help bring education supplies to 14 schools in Liberia. But now, he's taking up a task that could mean life or death for so many in Africa.

"What you're looking at here is some of the supplies that have already been donated from people in Acadiana," Wowoh said when referring to stacks of medical supplies.

The World Health Organization is now calling the Ebola outbreak in West Africa the deadliest epidemic of the disease in medical history. African countries are closing more borders to the Ebola-ridden areas as the death toll has now passed 1,200. There have been more than 2,200 suspected or confirmed cases of Ebola since the outbreak emerged in December, according to the WHO and USA today. About 55 percent of those cases have resulted in death.

Wowoh moved here as a refugee from Liberia and wants to help his people. His mission is to gather up enough medical supplies to fill an 18 wheeler truck and then ship it off to Liberia.

"This could save a whole household of people against the spread of Ebola," Wowoh said.

WHO recommends those in Africa pour a small amount of Clorox into a bucket of water to wash their hands and feet before entering buildings and houses. The Ebola virus is spread via human contact and this is one way to kill dangerous pathogens.

"In Liberia, one of these would be $10, which most families cannot afford. They live on below $1 a day," Wowoh said.

Wowoh is asking the public for soap, water, medical gloves, protective glasses and much more.

"People from this area may not be able to go directly to Liberia, but they can do something to help in the process," Wowoh said.

A simple donation that Wowoh says could help save hundreds of thousands of people.

The total cost to ship these materials is $8,000. Wowoh said it will take about four weeks for the supplies to reach Africa.

"It may seem like a long wait, but WHO said it could be at least 6 months before this virus is under control," Wowoh said.

Change Agent Network is taking donation supplies until August 29th. You can drop off donations at Temple Baptist Church at 3501 N. University Avenue in Lafayette.

Checks can be made out to 'Change Agent Network' and mailed to: 402 E. Peck Blvd., Lafayette, LA 70508.

You can email Eric Wowoh for more information at

Supplies needed include:

1. Gloves-latex, nitrile, industrial
2. Gowns, Hand Sanitizer
3. Masks
4. Eye goggles
5. Shoe covers
6. Hair covers, caps
7. Biohazard bags
8. Respirator masks
9. Plastic bins
10. Sharps containers
11. Plastic aprons
12. Hazmat suits
13. Chlorine tablets
14. Tape
15. Swabs
16. Gauze
17. Cotton balls
18. Wipes
19. Antimicrobial hand wash
20. Disposable thermometers, disposable stethoscope, B.P cuffs
21. Environmental surface wipes




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