May 10, 2013 7:31 PM by Chris Welty

Lafayette Man Needs Your Vote for Ironman Race

A Lafayette man is training for the race of his life.

37-year-old Stanley Lerille is hopeful he'll be selected for the ultimate Ironman Race known as Kona Inspired.

Only seven athletes are chosen to compete for the Ironman World Championship. If Lerille can get enough votes, he'll be in. Over the years, it's been an uphill climb to this point.

Daily workouts are now part of Stanley Lerille's life. At his heaviest, he tipped the scale at 305 pounds.

"It was a rough time. It wasn't getting better, it was getting worse."

Lerille says growing up was tough. His father, Red Lerille, owner of Red's, built a workout empire and people expected him to be in shape like his dad.

"I was never in shape. I came to Red's to have a good time and visit. In fact, there was a sign in the snack bar that said "don't feed Stanley." For some reason, I still ended up eating."

In 2009, he turned his life around and had lapband surgery. Shortly after, Lerille started hitting the gym.

"Life got easier, family life got easier and the normal things of just putting your shoes on got easier and easier," said Lerille.

As the pounds shed, Lerille started watching triathletes training and became interested in doing the same.

"Everyday, I started swimming a little bit and trying to do something else."

Lerille completed his first high endurance race, The Cajunman Triathlon and started training for Ironman.

Now, he weighs in at 170 pounds. Lerille changed his mind, body and spirit to accomplish his goals.

"Day to day a good three hours in the morning and weekends a 3-6 hour bike ride. Sundays, are long runs. It takes a lot."

Lerille says losing weight and becoming healthy is a struggle, but if you're committed, you can change your life for yourself and loved ones.

You can vote for Lerille by clicking this link:

Voting ends May 31st.

Chris Welty



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