Apr 23, 2014 11:57 PM by Allison Bourne-Vanneck

Lafayette couple finds love at Festival International

What started as a love for Festival International, grew into head-over-heals love for a Lafayette couple. Their love story started nearly ten years ago, right by the Fais Do Do Stage during Festival.

"I was working at the beer booth behind us, and he needed a beer," said Peggy Feehan, standing near the exact spot she met Scott Feehan back in 2001. "So I bought his first one I guess, or his second one. I don't remember which one, he kept coming," Peggy said.

From bands to beverage, Scott and Peggy bonded. "That Sunday I finally gave him my phone number," Peggy said.

A week later they knew fate was on their side when they crossed paths on the way to Jazz Fest.

"We were on the interstate in New Orleans before the split, and I hear somebody honk and it was her and her friends. So we exchanged numbers again and met up at Jazz Fest. So we figured we had something in common, we both love festivals," said Scott Feehan.

Now married almost ten years, the Feehans give back to the festival that gave them each other. Peggy has volunteered for 15 years, and Scott and has volunteered for 10. He serves on the Festival board, and is Vice-President of Production. Peggy, who's from Canada, helps with French translations and still volunteers at the liquor booth where they first met.

"You can't find this kind of festival anywhere in the world with this many volunteers and seeing everything put together. It's incredible," Scott said.

The Feehans now have a 3-year-old daughter, who they bring to festival every year.

"I was asking him one time, when did we start dating really, for real," Peggy said.

"We call it festival," Scott said.

"So we just decided Festival is really where we connected, and it's our anniversary every year," Peggy said.



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