Sep 11, 2013 7:03 PM by Allison Bourne-Vanneck

Lafayette Church Promotes Adoption & Foster Care

The Department of Children and Family Services in Lafayette Parish is teaming up with churches to promote adoption and foster care.

It's all apart of the state's "Faith and Family" initiative, where the goal is to get 100 churches to find 100 children a home.

Lee and Donna Landry are thankful to have their three adopted children, Lexi, Chrissy, and Ian Michael.

"Our plan was to have children naturally, and that wasn't God's plan. So one day at church someone approached us to adopt a baby girl, and that's where it started," Donna Landry said.

The Landry's go to Our Savior's Church, which teamed up with D.C.F.S. last year to promote adoption and foster care. Since then, a dozen families have been certified to move forward in the adoption process.

"This is the job of the church. This is the job of every believer to open their homes in some way to these children.  So the more that we shared stories with our church the more families came forward to be certified," Katie Kirkpatrick, who works for Love Acadiana, a ministry of Our Savior's Church, said.

"It's really nice to be able to see that others can be inspired to step up and go into the foster care system, and possibly adopt or at least become a family to these children who don't have families," Lee Landry said.

"Without the foster care system, I wouldn't have my brother and sister. I'm really happy," Lexi Landry, the Landry's daughter, said.

State-wide 3,892 children are in foster care, and 514 are in foster care in Lafayette.



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