Apr 18, 2014 7:37 PM by Allison Bourne-Vanneck

Lafayette Church Hosts Drive-Thru Prayer

A Lafayette church on Good Friday hosted a new kind of drive-thru, bringing prayer from the church to the street.

The New Church On Louisiana Avenue hosted its first drive-thru prayer. Ninety-year-old Mary King is the oldest church member, and she said she prayed with more than 20 drivers.

"I blessed those people, they needed blessing, some of them in tears. You see, you never know what's going on in a person's mind. You can look at them, you can be with them, but some of them want prayers so bad," said Mary King.

Bright signs along Louisiana Avenue easily showed drivers where to pull over and get their prayers.

"If we could drive for a daiquiri, if we could drive to the bank, if we could drive for anything, that's because we living in a society that we want everything quick. Why we can't just stop by for a little while and have a prayer?" asked Rev. Robert Johnson, Sr., who's the pastor of The New Church On Louisiana Avenue.

Rev. Johnson prayed with Kevin Jones, who was just passing through Lafayette. Jones saw the signs and decided to pull over.

"God knows we all need prayer, and they're offering it. I know a lot of them need prayer, but a lot of them not stopping, but thank God a lot of them are," said Kevin Jones.

The church wanted to host its first drive-thru prayer during Holy Week and on Good Friday.

"We want to celebrate, even though it's a dark day, it's a day of sadness, but I just thank God. What he did for us, we can do it for him," said Johnson.



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