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Lafayette Bicycle Accident Questions Answered

An Acadiana woman is looking for answers after her mother was struck on her bicycle in front of the grand theater monday night. 54-year-old Brunella Taylor suffered a broken neck, back and a lacerated spleen, but is expected to fully recover.

Marcia Andrus has been waiting a week to hear what happened to her mother as she rode her bicycle to the Grand Theater on Johnston Street last Monday. Andrus says her mother was on her bike looking at movie times when she was struck by a car. Since Andrus was told the person who hit her mother took off, she spent the week calling the hit and run division of the Lafayette Police Department, who told her they had no leads. Still, Andrus desperately wanted her questions answered as to how her mother was struck and who struck her.

"I keep trying to call and I keep getting rerouted. They tell me to call this number and this number and I can't talk to anybody," Andrus said.

We reached out to Lafayette Police to clarify what exactly happened Monday evening. According to police, the driver who struck Taylor has been cited. Police will not be investigating the case any further since there were no eyewitnesses, and Taylor and the driver have conflicting accounts as to what happened. The driver claims Taylor was in the roadway when the crash happened. Taylor says she wasn't. Still Marcia Andrus says she doesn't understand how a person could put her mother in intensive care for five days and only be ticketed.

During the course of our interview, we met Jacob Cole. Cole arrived on scene after Taylor was struck. He says after seeing her condition, she's lucky to be alive.

"You see these types of things in the movies and you get desensitized. But after what I saw...I couldn't believe it. That's probably the most horrible thing I've ever seen," Cole said.

Taylor remains in the hospital tonight, where she is expected to have a long road to recovery. Lafayette Police tells us they will be reaching out to Marcia Andrus tomorrow to clear up any questions.

---Alex Labat



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