Jan 18, 2012 11:36 PM by Maddie Garrett

Laf. School Board Lightens Cell Phone Policy

The Lafayette Parish School Board dealt with a cell phone policy that wasn't sitting well with many students and their parents at Wednesday night's meeting. Board members made the call to change that policy, and that means students will be getting confiscated cell phones back soon.

With a split vote, five for and three against, all previous cell phone violations from this year were erased.

"I feel pretty good, I haven't gotten it back yet but I know it's going to happen within two weeks," said Lafayette High School student Brandon Comeaux.

Comeaux had his phone taken away earlier this year after he said it accidentally fell out of his pocket at school. Under the old policy, that means he wouldn't get it back until May.

"One mistake is not sufficient to take someone's property away for the whole year," said Comeaux.

School Board Member Tehmi Chiasson agreed, saying the old rules were too strict and punished parents as well as students.

"Those students and parents were paying bills upwards of eight, nine months and that's just ridiculous. Some of those kids needed those phones for extra curricular activities, they're walking home from athletics. For a lot of kids it was safety reasons," said Chiasson.

Starting now, the first violation means a five day confiscation, the second time is 30 days, and the third offense it's confiscated for the rest of the year.

And because of the sheer number of cell phones confiscated by schools, administrators predict it will take about two weeks to get them returned to students.



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