Nov 10, 2013 11:53 PM by Chris Welty

Kidnapping Victim's Family Speaks

The Lafayette woman kidnapped by her ex boyfriend just days ago is now recovering at home with family in Carencro tonight and her uncle is speaking out.

Police say Bethany Arceneaux was abducted near her son's daycare on Madeline Avenue when her ex-boyfriend, Scott Thomas, forced her into a car Wednesday night. She wasn't found until Friday afternoon, in an abandoned home in Duson. Deputies say she was found by family members. Deputies tell us her rescuer shot Thomas because he continued stabbing her and wouldn't let her go.

Arceneaux is expected to make a full recovery.

"We can finally go to sleep at night," said Marcus Arceneaux, Bethany's uncle.

The past few days have been an emotional whirlwind for the Arceneaux family. When news came Wednesday that Bethany Arceneaux was kidnapped, her family rallied together to search for her. Scott Thomas allegedly made phone calls to her family saying take care of my kids because I'm going to kill her and myslef.

"She's strong and she tried fighting. She said she tried fighting, but there was nothing she could do," said Marcus.

Bethany's family finished canvassing the area on Anderson Road in Duson, but moments before leaving, they received a text message making them believe she was still in the area. The Arceneaux family got permission to search property near an abandoned home. When they got closer, they heard a scream.

"She just hollered like her life was in danger and when they heard her, they said a chill went through their body," said Marcus.

Arceneaux's family knew they found Bethany and had to act quickly. Little did they know how violent the rescue attempt would turn.

"He told her, "as soon as they kick the door in, I'm going to kill you." He stabbed her a few times and once they got closer, he stabbed her again. That's why she hollered. He started stabbing her as they got close."

Marcus Arceneaux's son kicked in the door and fired a warning shot for Thomas to free her. When he continued stabbing Bethany, that same man fired multiple shots, killing Thomas.

"We felt we did what we had to do. It was a situation where her life was at hand. The guy was out to kill her and we weren't going to wait for it to happen," said Marcus.

He says he is still shaken by the events and says his prayers were answered.

"When I saw her come around the house on that four wheeler full of blood, I was like she's alive! She said my family came and got me. She said she knew we were coming and looking for her."

Though the Arceneaux family is joyus, it's with heavy hearts. Marcus Arceneaux says he texted and called Thomas pleading for him to return Bethany safely, but Thomas never responded.

"I hate that it happened like this because I don't feel like anyone should lose their life. My prayers go out to the Thomas family and I'm sorry for their loss, but we had to save our niece," said Marcus.

Police have not pressed charges against that family member who they say shot Thomas and charges may never be filed.

The man is cooperating with investigators and a report will be reviewed by the District Attorney to determine if any charges will be filed. According to state law, homicide can be justified if someone's life is in danger.

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