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Jul 26, 2012 7:18 PM by Jenise Fernandez

Keiosha Felix's Aunt "Shocked" Family Members are Accused of Being Involved in Keiosha's Disappearance

No sign of missing 15-year-old Keiosha Felix, even after three arrests. Two of those relatives, a mother and daughter, have already bonded out. Felix's cousin Portia Felix is charged with obstruction of justice. Portia's mother, who's Keiosha's aunt Patricia Andrus, is charged with improper supervision and accessory to rape. They were the last two people to see Keiosha before she disappeared. Patricia's boyfriend, 43-year-old Leon Wilkerson, is charged with second-degree kidnapping and simple rape. He's reportedly not cooperating with police. Duson police say they do believe Keiosha is alive, but is in danger. For other members of Keiosha's family, the news of the arrests were shocking.

Keiosha Felix's aunt Lena Lewis is confused and overwhelmed. She can't believe Keiosha's aunt and cousin, Patricia Andrus and Portia Felix, are accused of being involved in her niece's disappearance.

"She's a child and I don't understand. Why if they had something to do with it, how could they let that go on? Family is love, if anything you want to protect your loved one," said Lewis.

Lewis is related to Keiosha's mother. Patricia and Portia are on her father's side of the family. Lewis says that's why she doesn't really know them that well, but both families didn't have any problems with one another.

"I don't know where it went wrong, but I hope with everything we get a step closer and that we get answers and bring her home," she said.

Keiosha was in state custody because her mother is in jail. Although her own family did not have custody, she was allowed to visit them with her one-year-old daughter. That infant is also now in state custody since the recent arrests. Her aunt says Keiosha told her she didn't like staying with her aunt Patricia. Lewis never understood why.

"I put two and two together, you know, why would she be uncomfortable at her aunt's house? She never told me exactly why," said Lewis.

Family members are relieved police have made arrests and are making progress, but still no sign of Keiosha. Lewis says Keiosha is a tough girl and believes wherever she is, she's trying to get back home.

"I'm hoping and praying that she's fighting. If she's out there, I hope she's okay," said Lewis.


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