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Nov 5, 2012 9:55 AM by Elizabeth Hill

Keeping it off: Weight loss surgery means big lifestyle changes

Around lunch time, Amy Jones usually isn't hard to find.

At one of her client's restaurants at least three times a week.

Since her surgery, Jones says she's hooked on Zeus' heart healthy, diet friendly choices, but you may notice, she doesn't eat a lot of what's on her plate.

"You think that it will be no way that I can take three-four bites of something and then I'll be full."

Post surgery, Jones says she was shocked by how little her stomach could hold. While her body was changing quickly it took her mind a little longer to catch up.

"I didn't fix my own plate for probably three months."

And making the right choices is all about quality over quantity.

"Your body no longer really craves the junk that you were feeding it."

"Prioritizing proteins so that they're able to preserve their muscle mass, while utilizing their fatty tissue for energy and weight loss."

Dietician Kate Rountree monitors patients for a year after surgery and recommends a diet of two to three onces of lean protein along with vegetables, fruit and carbohydrates like sweet potatoes and beans.

"The changes patients make nutritionally with this surgery need to be changes they can maintain in the long term."

While she noticed the diet changes quickly, Jones says it took a while before she saw a change in the mirror.

"It takes a long time after you've been heavy for so long to see yourself as something other than that heavy person."

Jones says it's been a series of little moments that have renewed her confidence and allowed her to take back control, but there's still one step left before the transformation is complete.

"To not have to get up in the morning and look at the excess skin and constantly be reminded of what to me was a dark place."

In the spring Jones will undergo extensive plastic surgery to remove the excess skin that results from extreme weight loss.

"I'm more scared about what's coming up than i was the first time around."

For more information on Amy's story and helpful links to resources if you're considering weight loss surgery visit tallskinnytales.com.



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