Tracking the Tropics

Oct 4, 2013 8:32 AM by Dave Baker

Karen Weaker This Morning

Tropical Storm Karen is more disorganized this morning as wind shear from the southwest is making the storm more lopsided. The heavy storms, gusty winds, and rough seas are displaced from the center of circulation by about 50 to 100 miles to the east. Since the system isn't vertically stacked from the surface to the upper levels, strengthening isn't likely early today.

There are some indications that shear will weaken slightly as Karen drifts northward toward the mouth of the Mississippi River. Some strengthening is possible tomorrow if Karen can get better organized. The official forecast from the National Hurricane Center puts a landfall near Venice, Louisiana then a second landfall along the Alabama/Florida coastline. A strong cold front should sweep through Acadiana keeping Karen away with very little impact here at home.

A few isolated storms are possible with daytime heating today, and a better chance for rain and thunderstorms over the eastern parishes Saturday. The cold front will push in late Saturday into Sunday morning with showers ending early Sunday. Excellent weather is expected Sunday afternoon through Thursday of next week!


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