Feb 15, 2011 11:21 PM by Maddie Garrett

Kaplan Residents Strike Back Against Burglar

An Abbeville man goes on a crime spree in Kaplan on Valentine's Day. But the suspect chose the wrong town, as citizens took action and tried to stop him at every turn.

66-year-old Wilfred Guidry uses a cane to get around, but on valentine's day he found a new use for it when 43-year-old Roy Anthony Stewart entered his home without permission.

"Then he started waving his hands at me so I got this and him it in the head with it," said Wilfred of his cane. "If you try to hurt my family, somebody's going to get hurt."

Kaplan Police said Stewart had already tried to break into another home before he hit up the Guidry's house. Chief Boyd Adams said those homeowners chased him off.

"Evidently he was on a mission, his own mission. He's more or less a career criminal," said Adams.

But Stewart chose the wrong house on Maraist Street.

"I was just going to make him leave, before I hit him. But then he didn't want to leave," said Wilfred.

Not only did Wilfred beat Stewart with his cane, his son Anthony pulled out his rifle to scare him off.

"I think he was more scared of my dad than the gun," said Anthony. "He might be old but he's brave. He takes care of his family."

But before Stewart ran away from the Guidry's house, investigators said he grabbed some cash. Wilfred said he chased him out, and later found the suspect's hat and the $20 he'd stolen in his yard.

Just minutes later police caught Stewart, after he's accused of trying to carjack someone.  Police said the drivers of the car sped up so Stewart couldn't gain entry.

"I'm glad they caught him before he tried to hurt anybody else," said Wilfred.

Stewart is charged with unauthorized entry of a home, burglary of a home, attempted car-jacking and disturbing the peace by being intoxicated.

Stewart remains in jail with no bond because he's already on parole and probation until 2014 on another charge. His criminal history includes cruelty to a juvenile, battery and simple burglary.



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