Sep 25, 2013 11:38 PM by Steven Albritton

Junior-Senior Prank Wars Causing Concern At Lafayette Schools

It's something that happens every year at some Lafayette high schools, but this year, the so called "Junior-Senior Prank Wars, "are now leading to arrests. Four teens, including a juvenile, have been arrested for simple criminal damage to property for things like toilet papering, egging, and firing paint balls at a house. School administrators are getting involved to keep these pranks from happening. Lafayette High principal, Dr. Patrick Leonard, has already made two morning announcements warning students of penalties if they get caught vandalizing property. Students say, it's a tradition that happens every year, but those same students say some are taking pranks too far. Lafayette High School Senior Andrew Markel remembers a prank pulled on a friend.

"The seniors put brownie mix on his car and saran wrapped it so that the sun baked brownies onto his car," Markel said.

Other students also recall pranks they've seen done and some which have happened to them.

"Toilets in the yard and TVs on top of cars," Lafayette High School senior Chandler O'Neal said.

"They put petroleum jelly on my handle bars so it was it all slippery to pull the door open," Lafayette High School senior Drew Colowich said.

In the last few days, some say the pranks have crossed the line. Damage is now being done to property.

"It used to be a lot of fun, and then it just got all out of hand by people breaking into cars and spray painting cars," Lafayette High School junior Abby Mondy said.

One of the teens arrested is accused of throwing toilet paper in trees, eggs on the roof and dumping bags of flour on a driveway. Hunter Barras was asleep at the time, but the sound of eggs hitting his house made his parents call police.

"There's a point between having fun and vandalizing. Some people don't know when to stop," Acadiana High School senior Hunter Barras said.

Another home hit by a prank had paint balls fired at the home. The paint balls broke screens and frightened those inside. Now, with police involved in multiple incidents, they say more arrests are coming in the next few days.

"The problem lies when someone does a prank to another individual. The other individual needs to be a willing participant. Secondly, if you're going to do a prank make sure you're not going to commit any type of damage to the property that you're doing the prank on," Corporal Paul Mouton of the Lafayette Police Department said.

Dr. Leonard says when students arrive back to school Thursday morning, he will once again warn students of getting caught doing a prank. He says, if it continues, certain student privileges could be taken away and those involved will face disciplinary action.



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