Oct 26, 2011 7:02 PM by Maddie Garrett

Jindal Snubs Acadiana Representative, Influences Leadership Votes

Governor Bobby Jindal made his endorsements for House and Senate leaders, giving the snub to one Acadiana law maker.

The Governor's endorsements came early this year, with one-fifth of the legislature still undecided because of runoff elections.

"The timing of this seems very odd. One would think Jindal wants to get his team so he can start moving ahead, maybe he has big plans for this second four years and he feels like "I better put this to rest now." But it does seem a bit early," said KATC Political Analyst Dr. Pearson Cross.

Jindal announcing Wednesday that he's backing Lake Charles Republican Chuck Kleckly, a let-down for Lafayette Representative Joel Robideaux.

"This is a huge kick in the teeth to Joel Robideaux... You'd have to be disappointed; it looked like this position was his," said Cross.

Robideaux served as House speaker pro tempore and recently switched from Independent to Republican.

"As pro tem, you know I worked very closely with the administration and the body on trying to get things done the last four years and I just felt like I was in a good position to run for it," explained Robideaux.

While nothing is final, getting the required 50 votes will be tough for Robideaux. But he said he plans to stay in the running for speaker until the vote is cast on he first day of the new legislative session.

Despite the let down, Robideaux and others question Jindal's tight grip on the House and Senate.

"For him to have the Executive Branch and to then also have total control of the House, to me violates the spirit of the Constitution," said Robideaux.

"Apparently the Executive Branch is not enough, he wants the Legislative as well," said Cross.



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