Jul 10, 2014 4:39 PM by KATC

Jindal administration responds to Common Core compromise with more questions

Gov. Bobby Jindal's administration responded this afternoon to a Common Core compromise proposed by the state superintendent and the state education board.

Kristy Nichols, Jindal's commissioner of administration, told reporters on a conference call that she has numerous questions regarding the letter sent to Jindal today by state Education Superintendent John White and the state Board of Elementary and Secondary Education.

White and the education board offered in the letter to keep the existing LEAP and iLEAP standardized tests for the upcoming school year, but said the test should be complemented with questions from PARCC tests, which Jindal has vowed to eliminate as part of his stance against Common Core.

Nichols said on the conference call that there is no existing contract with the state Department of Education that allows for the development of testing for the upcoming school year.

She maintains that the contract to which White is referring has been extended through 2015, but the contract only allows for testing through the 2013-2014 school year.

There is another testing contract in place, but Nichols claims that contract also does not cover testing for the upcoming school year.

Nichols also questioned how the PARCC test questions would be acquired or if they have be already since there is no contract with DOE that outlines those services.

"It's interesting to me that DOE has made general statements that they have a contract and it can be used," Nichols said. "It seems ... there's at least a loose interpretation of how they have to follow {state contract law}. That's going to be the focus of my review as we move forward in this process."

Jindal and White are scheduled to meet on July 17 to discuss their battle over Common Core testing.

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