Sep 24, 2010 7:36 PM by Carolyn Cerda

Jennings Attempted Murder, Suicide

A Jennings man is dead and a woman is in critical condition, after a domestic dispute leads to gunfire. Police are calling it an attempted murder, suicide. They say 44 year old Rocky Domingue was arguing with his girlfriend Thursday night when he shot her and then pulled the trigger on himself.

"Obviously we're still continuing to piece together what transpired and what happened... But, it appears it was attempted murder suicide," said Todd D'Albor, Jennings Police Chief.

But, relatives of Domingue believe he was the victim. Friday morning, nearly 20 of Domingue's family and friends gathered at the scene of the crime, in the 400 block of Craig St. in Jennings.

"It ain't no homicide... My kid didn't do that," said Ella Domingue, Rocky's mother. Rocky died on her birthday. "I know they killed him, I'm for sure. I ain't gonna lie to nobody."

Family members say they were shocked to hear how Domingue died. They believe Domingue's girlfriend, who they referred to as "Amanda", is to blame. They believe she murdered Domingue and then shot herself. Police are still investigating as they wait for autopsy results, but say they current evidence shows otherwise.

Meantime, neighbors on Craig St. say they saw this incident coming. Residents we talked with say they have had to call the police to Domingue's house numerous times over several years. One neighbor, Dawn Adams, says Amanda ran into her house Thursday night after being shot.

"She starting shaking really bad. I said, 'stay with me please, tell me what happened.' All she told me was, 'he shot me, he shot me, and he's dead, he's dead, he's dead.'"

Adams says she and other neighbors felt an incident like this was bound to happen, after witnessing several disputes at Domingue's house.

"A week before, he (Domingue) had a gun and pulled a gun out on her. If I would have known what I know last night, I might have been able to do something... Now he's dead."



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