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Feb 13, 2012 7:41 PM by Melissa Hawkes

Jeff Davis Residents Outraged After Cemetery Vandalism

Vandals strike two Jeff Davis Parish cemeteries, causing thousands of dollars in damage and upsetting many. Greenwood Cemetery off of Highway 97 in Jennings and Doucet Cemetary just north of Jennings in Hathaway were both hit Friday night.

In Greenwood Cemetery there were a few knocked over headstones, graves covered in spray paint and broken glass.

Jennings resident Frank Lavergne, said "I got friends and family buried in here and this is very sad what people are doing to this cemetery. They need to be caught."

Effie Lasalle said, "its pitiful people that do stuff like this. It's just sad really and ridiculous."

Amos Crader added, "this is crazy, this is just nonsense."

Monday afternoon vehicles were coming to Greenwood Cemetery nonstop to check on their loved ones graves. Lasalles great nephew's grave was okay, but she feels for other families who weren't so lucky.

"Its ruined," Lasalle said. "You have to replace all this this stuff and spend lots and lots of money and now they have to spend more to replace it."

About ten grave sites were damaged at Greenwood Cemetery and five teen at Doucet.

Jennings Police Chief Todd D'Albor said, "that's a sacred place and what they've done, it doesn't have a price tag on it. "

People are outraged and D'Albor said they have every right to be.

"People want these suspects held accountable for their actions and we'll be fighting for our victims to make sure they are," he said.

Monday evening, three suspects were arrested and charged with felony desecration of graves. There are nineteen year old Sebastian Abshire, 17 year old Dacota Miguez and 18 year old Joselyn Mire.



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